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H.E. Ambassador Wu Ken Attend GICNT 10th Anniversary Meeting

On June 15th and 16th, 2016, H.E. Ambassador Wu Ken, led a Chinese Delegation to the 10th Anniversary Meeting of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism(GICNT) hosted by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as expressed Chinese views on the relevant issue.

Ambassador Wu said, in the decade since its was launched, the Global Initiative has closely followed the international dynamics, promoted pragmatic cooperation, provided important assistance to Partner Nations in their efforts to strengthen national capacity to combat nuclear terrorism, and played a unique role in the global nuclear security architecture and the international efforts to combat nuclear terrorism. China, as one of the original Partner Nations, has utilized its resources and experiences to make suggestions and contributions to the development of the Initiative. On the other hand, China benefited a lot from participating in the meetings and activities of the Initiative, particularly guidelines drafting and table-top/field exercises. China has also been persistently strengthening its national nuclear security system and capacity, actively engaged in bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and deeply involved in the international nuclear security process.

Ambassador Wu put forward Chinese views on the future development of the Global Initiative. First, the Initiative should continue to work on its objective of enhanced nuclear security and capabilities to combat nuclear terrorism for Partner Nations, adhere to its pragmatic and voluntary nature, so as to attract more countries to join. Second, the Initiative should keep pace with time, adjust its work priorities in accordance with emerging nuclear security threats and challenges, as well as the national conditions and actual needs of Partner Nations. Third, the Initiative should give full play to its comparative advantage, serve as an effective platform for increasingly enhanced cooperation between Partner Nations, and strongly support the IAEA to play a central role in international nuclear security architecture. Fourth, the Initiative should strengthen its outreach efforts, strengthen coordination and cooperation with other relevant international institutions, and expand exchanges with other expert communities such as industry and civil society.

Ambassador Wu also expressed China’s willingness to maintain active communication and cooperation with Partner Nations, share its experiences and resources, to use existing platforms including the Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security and the China Customs Radiation Detection Training Center to host nuclear security related training courses and workshops,and to share with other Partner Nations its experiences in radioactive resources security and provide assistance upon request in the construction of waste repositories.

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