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Remarks from the spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in the Netherlands on the Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands concerning the arrest of two Canadians in China

We have noticed that the website of the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands issued a statement on 10 January concerning the arrest of two Canadians in China  and would like to respond it as follows:

China is a country under the rule of law. China ensures  safety and legitimate rights and interests of foreign citizens in China. Meanwhile, foreign citizens in China should also respect and abide by Chinese laws. Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been taken compulsory measures in accordance with law for their engagement in activities undermining China's national security. China's competent authorities are handling their cases in accordance with the law while ensuring all their legitimate rights and interests. We strongly urge the relevant countries to earnestly respect China's judicial sovereignty.

The western countries including the Netherlands and Canada should discard double standards and bias. The Canadian side, acknowledging that Ms. Meng Wanzhou violated no Canadian laws, went ahead with its unjustifiable and wrongful detention of Ms. Meng just at the behest of another country. The Chinese people have expressed strong indignation over this case. We have urged the Canadian side to correct its mistake and immediately release Ms. Meng Wanzhou.  The relevant countries, including the Netherlands, applying double standards to the rule of law is in itself a disrespect to the rule of law.

Adhering to opening-up policy, China welcomes people from all countries, including the Netherlands, for normal and friendly exchanges and cooperation in China. In recent years, the China-Netherlands relations have enjoyed a rapid momentum of growth as evidenced by increasingly deepening and expanding practical cooperation in various areas. China attaches great importance to its relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We hope the Dutch side could meet China half way and jointly push forward the bilateral relations.

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