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Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy Speaks on the Remarks of US Ambassador Pressing the Dutch Government to Block the EUV Machine Exportation to China

Recently, the US Ambassador Pete Hoekstra said in an interview with Financieele Dagblad that the US government did not want Dutch chip producer ASML to export its EUV machine to China, and made a series of false accusations against China. In response to those remarks, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy makes the following comment:

We noted the comments made by US Ambassador Hoekstra. We are not surprised about such comment, but we still find his remarks “ASML technology does not belong in certain places” absurd. Such statement demonstrates neither rationality or respect, but arrogance and prejudice. He confirmed the guessing that the United States did exert considerable political pressure on the Dutch government to block the sale of ASML EUV machine to China, and we feel sorry about that. By doing this without providing any evidence, Ambassador Hoekstra is preaching isolation, opposition and confrontation among countries, splitting our world into two rival camps purely based on different ideologies and national systems. Is this the right way of peaceful coexistence? Is this the future of the world we wish to see?

Indeed, China adopts a social system different from that of western countries. However, China always insists on mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, which serve as the cornerstones of the United Nations and current international order, as well as basic principles of international law. On the contrary to Ambassador Hoekstra’s accusation on China’s human rights, the fact is that the Chinese government wholeheartedly improves people’s well-being, and is fully endorsed by the Chinese people. China has never started a single war in other countries, never has China abused long-arm jurisdiction or unilateral sanctions, nor has China prioritized its own interests over others’ to point fingers on others, or to interfere with others’ internal affairs. We advance our cooperation with European countries for win-win outcomes and common development. When some European countries encountered difficulties, we offered timely support in helping them back to the track of rapid growth. Where is the US under such circumstances? And what qualifies it to coach normal economic and trade collaboration between China and European countries?

As China has emphasized repeatedly, each company has its own advantage, and technology needs to be shared. Technological development depends on the cooperation between research institutes and companies, as well as the support of the market. Creating barriers to block technology flow has no basis on law or on justice, and is doomed to fail. China’s innovation and development will not be stopped by such attempt by some certain countries. Unilateralism is selfish and shortsighted, and it only leads to further damage to multilateralism, free trading system and the common interests of the international community.

China resolutely upholds the position of mutual respect for sovereignty and mutual non-interference in internal affairs. As long as comparing the remarks from Ambassador XU Hong and that of the US Ambassador, one can clearly find out who is the one exerting political pressures. China respects Dutch government’s right of making an independent decision based on facts and objective standards and in the spirit of fairness, justice and rule of law. What China firmly opposes is the political pressure from any third party that forcing the Dutch government to make a choice against its own will and interests, which will certainly lead to a consequence that harms all parties and negatively impacts the order of world trade.

Finally, we would like to stress that China and the US have just signed the phase one trade deal several days ago. The achievement is hard-won and to which China has made great efforts. We hope the US side will faithfully implement the agreement in good faith, like what China will do, rather than creating new obstacles to the cooperation between China and the US or a third country.

Financieele Dagblad reports on January 17th that the US ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra said in an interview on 16th that the US government “has made it clear to the Dutch” that EUV machine “is particularly sensitive technology that does not belong in certain places”. The US ambassador claimed that China “has a totally different idea of human rights” from western countries. He also said that the US “wants Western companies at the forefront of technology breakthroughs” and that they “don’t care” about “whether they are Americans or Europeans”. Nevertheless, being asked about what security risk will brought by the sale, Ambassador Hoekstra remained vague by giving the reason of not being a technology expert.

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