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Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands: racial discrimination has no market in the Netherlands

In response to the recent racial discrimination related to the coronavirus outbreak, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy makes the following remarks:

Racial discrimination is the enemy of all humanity. It is international consensus as well as international legal obligations assumed by every government under international human rights treaties to eliminate racial discrimination. In recent days, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Medical Care and Sports Bruno Bruins firmly opposed racial discrimination triggered by the epidemic outbreak, and called for social solidarity. House of Representatives of the Netherlands also passed a motion to express the same position. We highly appreciate and support that.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese people have spared no efforts in fighting the epidemic and made huge sacrifices, effectively curbing its further spread. The international community including the Netherlands has expressed great sympathy and support to the Chinese people. Dutch people and Chinese people are standing together in dealing with the challenge. We are greatly encouraged and deeply grateful.

However, it's a pity that we have seen some cases of discrimination against Chinese and even Asian people in the Netherlands. Some words and deeds are extremely despicable, in violation of anti-discrimination laws, and have seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and the overseas Chinese in the Netherlands. These behaviors are also disdained by most Dutch people. We resolutely oppose and strongly condemn such behaviors. We strongly urge those who are responsible to seriously review their words and deeds, make a sincere apology, and bear legal liability for the damage caused by such illegal behaviors.

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