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Health Quarantine Measures on Entry-Exit Persons at Chinese Ports Adopted by AQSIQ to Control SARS

1. Having started up the internet information system for the mechanism of risk alert and quick response on health quarantine to keep a close eye on, collect and notify the latest epidemic information home and abroad.  
2. AQSIQ, collaborating with the Ministry of Health of P. R. China, has promulgated notification on SARS control, and has strengthened the on-site medical observations and quarantine on entry-exit persons, ever since the WHO’s global SARS warnings on March 15.
3. “Counter Procedures for the Detection and Control of SARS at Ports of Entry-exit” has been worked out and promulgated, stipulating concisely, clearly and strictly different aspects of SARS control ranging from the report of SARS cases, self-protection of on-site working staff, health quarantine at entry-exit ports, emergency treatment measures at ports, clinical diagnosis standards, to physical examination and travel healthcare.
4. Authorities of inspection and quarantine at border and entry-exit ports have set up a unified emergency leadership mechanism, strengthening the detection and prevention of SARS in an all-around manner and strictly preventing the entry and exit of the disease.
5. All entry-exit persons have to fill out the “Health Deceleration Form”, samples of which are attached as Attachments 1 and 2. The Health Deceleration Form includes the following information: the name, nationality, passport number, body temperature and symptoms of the traveler, the information of the conveyance that the traveler boards, the countries or regions the traveler has been to in the last two weeks, and the traveler’s address and telephone number after the entry or exit of borders.
6. Infrared temperature detectors have been equipped in all entry-exit routes, checking the body temperature of each and every entry-exit traveler, those with body temperature exceeding 37.5 centigrade shall be sent to local hospital for further examination.  
7. Having strengthened entry-exit health quarantine, stopping those entry-exit persons with suspected SARS symptoms from further traveling and sending them to local designated hospitals for diagnosis and treatment.
8. The AQSIQ affiliated International Travel Healthcare Centers across the country conduct health examination for all exit persons and issue the according health certificate as requested by some countries that persons exiting China shall present Health Certificate of not having SARS.  
9. Having improved the hygiene disinfection and supervision of entry-exit ports and conveyances including airplanes, trains, automobiles and ships etc. to ensure the hygiene and safety of the ports.
10. Having widely publicized health knowledge on SARS prevention and control. Distribute instructive materials on SARS prevention and control as well as the Entry-Exit Health Advisory to all entry-exit travelers, and meanwhile, publicize relevant knowledge through electronic bulletin board, large screens, brochures and posters at the entry-exit channels.

  Meanwhile, departments other than AQSIQ have taken the following cooperative measures:
1. General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) affiliated units have been checking the body temperature of each and every entry-exit traveler, stopping those with abnormally high body temperature from boarding airplanes.
2. Departments responsible for entry-exit management have been keeping alert when processing the procedures of customs clearance for entry-exit persons. They may refuse, in accordance with the relevant regulations, the entry-exit application of those who do not cooperate with health quarantine measures.
3. Customs, according to relevant regulations, have been granting facilitation in clearing customs for the importation of medicines, reagents and medical equipments for SARS treatment, and for the entry of foreign medical experts, scholars, officials as well as medicines and apparatus they bring.

For more information, please visit http://www.aqsiq.gov.cn/

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