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Spokesperson on US Report on Human Rights

Q: Recently, the US Department of State published a report entitled “Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The US Record 2002-03”. The report criticizes the human rights situations of over 90 countries and regions, including China. It also elaborated what the US side has done for promoting the human rights situations of these countries and regions. What’s your comment on it?

A:  The report published by the US Department of State, in line with the “Annual Human Rights Reports ”published in March, unfoundedly slates the Chinese Government and the human rights situation in China. The Chinese Government is opposed to the report.

The Chinese Government has been dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights and basic freedoms and worked to promote socialist democracy with achievements widely acknowledged by the international community. The Chinese Government and people are building for a brighter future with full confidence.

We hope the United States would pay more attention to problems of its own, including the improvement of its human rights record, and refrain from intervening in the domestic affairs of others under the pretext of human rights.

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