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Briefing on China's bid for EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA

  Expo Net September 12: The approaching final vote on the 2010 World Exposition will be held in December at the General Assembly of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission held a briefing on September 12 at Kunlun Hotel where the ambassadors to China and the domestic and foreign journalists were informed of the latest progress of China’s bid as well as the advantages and capacities of Shanghai as the host city by the top officials of the Commission. The Briefing was chaired by Mr.Wang Guangya, Vice Chairman of EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission, Vice Foreign Minister and speeches were delivered by Mr. Xu Shaoshi, Vice Chairman of EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council, Mr. Chen Liangyu, Vice Chairman of EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission and Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Yu Xiaosong, Vice Chairman of EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission, Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Mr. Wei Jianguo, Vice Chairman of EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission, Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Nearly 300 guests attended the Briefing, including the leaders of relevant departments and ministers, foreign envoys, representatives of multinational enterprises and domestic and foreign journalists.

  “The Chinese Government stands firmly behind Shanghai’s bid for the 2010 World Expo and the central government has pledged to provide Shanghai with all kinds of financial support and preferential taxation policies to host the Exposition,” said Mr. Xu Shaoshi. The 20-odd-year reform and opening-up in the country has resulted in ever-greater national economic aggregate. Remarkable achievements have been made in all fields. If such a world exposition can be staged in China, it will not only forcefully boost the contacts between the people of different countries, exchanges of diverse cultures in the world and the cause of world exposition but also further expand its exchange and cooperation with other countries for common benefit and prosperity.

  To extend the reach of the world expo, China will provide developing countries with assistance worth 100 million US dollars. Mr. Xu Shaoshi stressed the point that EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA will involve a direct investment of over 3 billion US dollars and an extended investment five-to-ten-fold bigger than that. This will provide enormous business opportunities to enterprises across the globe.

  If the China’s bid is successful, the 2010 Expo will be the first of its kind to be held in a developing country throughout its history of over-150-year. Mr.Chen Liangyu introduced the city’s preparation for the Exposition. According to the Mayor of Shanghai, after the bidding application submitted by the Chinese Government to BIE in May, 2001, efforts have been focused on the following aspects, i.e. the design of the theme, “Better City, Better Life”, an exquisite planning of the Expo site and the optimization and specifying of preferential measures. The estimated attendance for EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA will surpass 70 million.

  Both the public support and support of enterprises are indispensable to a successful world exposition. Mr. Yu Xiaosong said that it will also be a platform for the world business community to conduct economic and trade cooperation and technological exchanges with China. To show their stand and determination to support the Central Government’s bid for the 2010 World Expo, a Business Supporting Council, consisting of 50 domestic and foreign-invested enterprises, has been established to actively participate in the bidding and provide every necessary support.

  “China has been the largest recipient of FDI for nice consecutive years among the developing countries, and it is gradually becoming one of the most attractive international trade and investment markets worldwide,” said Mr. Wei Jianguo. If China is successful in the bid, EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA will truly evolve into a grand gathering during which different countries and territories can seek common development and prosperity.

  After China’s two presentations at 129th and 130th General Assembly of BIE, the Chinese delegation headed by Madam Wu Yi, the State Councilor, made the third presentation at the 131st General Assembly, which enjoyed favors among the participants. Wu Yi said, “In the next decades, China’s economy and society will keep the eye-catching development which was made in the past 20 years. Huge business opportunities will be suitable to the exchanges and cooperation of the Expo 2010. All the participants will benefit from it and enjoy a win-win result.” Her words won warm applause.

  A senior official from EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA State Bidding Commission said, “We are confident of the bid for the Expo 2010.” The official said China is eager to have an opportunity to host a world exposition. Every country has its own advantages which are worth learning. He said it is with the competition that the 2010 World Expo can be run better. Through the world expositions, peoples of different countries can have further exchanges. And new ideas, new technologies and new lifestyles can be introduced into the modern society. China considers the bid as a process of learning from other countries, of upgrading Shanghai’s industrial structure and citizens’ qualifications, and of China’s integrating into the world and building her image as a strong country.

  China will take a fair part in the competition for World Expo 2010 in accordance with the BIE Convention. It is believed that an all-round consideration of the host city’s capacities and advantages is necessary when a site for the 2010 World Expo is finalized. The only standard for evaluation should be who can make World Expo 2010 the most wonderful instead of geographical and other factors. Only doing so can the aim of BIE be reached, peoples of different countries make favorable exchanges and co-operation and the international expositions be developed. If Shanghai is chosen, EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI CHINA will be held with an appropriate theme, in an appropriate city and in an appropriate country. It will become the most successful, wonderful and unforgettable event in history.

  The officials from the Commission answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists.

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