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China's Participation in ASEM

China attaches importance to and supports ASEM process and has, from the very beginning, taken an active part in it. In line with the principles of seeking common ground while putting aside differences, expanding common understanding and promoting cooperation in a positive and programmatic way, China fully utilizes this channel for dialogue and cooperation to serve and benefit its reform and opening-up and economic development by actively participating in all ASEM activities. China has so far put forward a number of reasonable propositions and initiatives, which received wide support and thus has been playing a positive role in promoting cooperation and exchanges between Asia and Europe.

1. Chinese Premier Li Peng, when attending the inaugural ASEM in Bangkok on 1-2, March, 1996, elaborated China' s stand on the building of a new Asia-Europe partnership which should assume the following features,

--Respect each other and treat each other as equals,

--Seek common ground while put aside differences and draw upon each other's experiences,

--Enhance mutual understanding and trust,

--Seek mutual benefit and mutual complementarity,

--Look into the future and work for common development.

2. Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, when attending ASEM II in London on 3-4, April, 1998, highlighted China's views on the Asian financial crisis, expressed our confidence towards Asian economy, reaffirmed China's determination to keep a steady economic growth and a stable exchange rate of Chinese currency and rendered our support to the establishment of the ASEM Trust Fund. Moreover, China's initiative to convene an Asia-Europe Science & Technology Ministers' Meeting to strengthen science and technology cooperation was incorporated into the Chairman's Statement of the meeting.

3. Chinese Vice Premier and Foreign Minister Qian Qichen attended the first ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting (FMM) held in Singapore on 15 Feb. 1997. In his remarks, Vice Premier Qian pointed out that there were great potential and broad prospect for Asia and Europe to establish a partnership of equality and mutual benefit to enhance economic cooperation, political dialogue and cultural exchanges. He emphasized that the focal point of ASEM process was economic cooperation while political dialogue should be conducted on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty, equality, seeking common ground while putting aside differences, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, step by step progress and consensus. He announced that the Chinese Government would make a contribution of US$1million to Asia Europe Foundation.

4. Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan attended the second ASEM Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Berlin on 29 March 1999. He remarked that ASEM should honestly observe the principles set up by ASEM leaders at the first and second summit. ASEM partners should treat each other as equals, seek common ground while put aside differences, treasure ASEM process and maintain and deepen Asia Europe cooperation. ASEM activities should give priority to and substantiate Asia Europe economic and trade, science and technology cooperation, promote international financial structure reform while unfolding other activities. At the meeting, Foreign Minister Tang announced Chinese Government's decision to donate US$500,000 to ASEM Trust Fund and China's wish to host the third ASEM Foreign Ministers'meeting in Beijing in 2001.

Wu Yi and Shi Guangsheng, Minister of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation attended the first and second ASEM Economic Ministers'meeting respectively. Liu Zhongli and Xiang Huaicheng, Minister of Finance attended the first and second ASEM Finance Ministers'Meeting. On these occasions, they elaborated China's views on developing and promoting Asia and Europe economic and financial cooperation.

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