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Meet the Bright Future of Asia-Europe Cooperation(28/05/2001)

On May 25, the two-day Third ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Foreign Ministers' Meeting concluded in Beijing with fruitful results. Foreign ministers from 25 ASEM member states and the EU External Relations Commissioner attended the meeting. The theme of the meeting is “Strengthening the Asia-Europe Partnership in the New Century”. The foreign ministers attending the meeting held in-depth and fruitful discussions on extensive issues in political dialogue, economic and trade cooperation, and social and cultural exchanges. The meeting also adopted the Chairman’s Statement, which reflects the broad consensus and cooperation reached by Asia and Europe in these areas.

Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan hosted the meeting and held a press conference together with Vietnamese and Swedish foreign minister and senior Asia-Europe commissioner of the European Commission, who are coordinators of the meeting.

At the press conference, Tang first briefed the reporters on the good results of the meeting. He pointed out that the meeting was convened in a friendly atmosphere and in a pragmatic manner and achieved fruitful results. Focusing on the theme "Strengthening the Asia-Europe Partnership in the New Century," the foreign ministers from 25 ASEM member states and the EU External Relations Commissioner reached consensus on a wide range of international and regional issues. They stressed that both Asia and Europe should further develop their cooperation both in depth and width in the new century, and make it an important factor in forming a new international political and economic order.

Tang said that the meeting has helped strengthen Asia-Europe political relations, as foreign ministers at the meeting proposed to set up a UN affairs consultation mechanism. The meeting helped strengthen economic and trade cooperation as it confirmed several cooperation proposals on economic cooperation, trade, finance, the environment, science and technology. The meeting also helped enlarge Asia-Europe cooperative fields. The ministers stressed at the meeting the significance of enhancing cooperation in the areas of society, culture, education, human resources, the environment and judicial system. The Chairman's Statement, adopted at the meeting, reflected the consensus reached by both Asia and Europe in conducting cooperation in political dialogue, economy and trade, finance, science and technology, environmental issues, education and cracking down on cross-border crimes.

The coordinators attending the press conference, Vietnamese and Swedish foreign ministers and senior Asia-Europe commissioner of the European Council extended congratulations on the complete success of the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and expressed thanks and appreciation to the Chinese side for the huge amount of work and contributions to the meeting. Tang and the coordinators also took questions from the press.

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