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Foreign Minister Wang Yi Meets with Senior Officials of ASEAN Countries
2013-04-03 16:50

On April 2, 2013, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi met with the senior officials and diplomatic envoys of ASEAN countries coming to attend the 19th China-ASEAN Senior Officials Consultation.

Wang Yi congratulated the senior official upon the positive results they achieved in this round of consultation. He said that China and ASEAN countries are developing countries sharing intensive common interests and shouldering the common task of development. Since the establishment of the dialogue relationship 22 years ago, the two sides have made considerable progress in the exchange and cooperation in various fields. As the dialogue partner of ASEAN, China is the first country to join the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, the first country to start FTA negotiations with ASEAN, the first country to establish a strategic partnership with ASEAN. While dealing with the major challenges including the Asian financial crisis, China and ASEAN have always stood together and helped each other overcome the difficulties. The course in the past 22 years shows that mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual trust, and mutual support are the most valuable assets for the development of China-ASEAN relations.

Wang said that strengthening the good-neighborly friendship with neighboring countries is a policy the Chinese government has always pursued. The new Chinese government attaches great importance to ASEAN and will continue to strengthen the strategic partnership with ASEAN. The new Chinese government will continue to support ASEAN to play a leading role in East Asian cooperation, continue to support the integration of ASEAN, and continue to properly handle the differences between China and ASEAN countries through peaceful and friendly consultations.

Wang said that the Chinese people are making unremitting efforts to fulfill the Chinese dream. ASEAN is also committed to realizing its dream - moving toward the goal of building the ASEAN Community. The two sides should help each other and support each other so that the Chinese dream and the ASEAN dream both come true. As our common home, Asia is facing a historic opportunity for development and its future is promising. Asia has become the focus of global attention. China and ASEAN should work together to seize the opportunity to build Asia together and enable Asia to make greater contributions to the cause of human progress and world peace and development.

Senior officials of ASEAN countries spoke positively of ASEAN-China Senior Officials Consultation and agreed that since the establishment of a dialogue partnership between ASEAN and China 22 years ago, the two sides have yielded fruitful results in the exchanges and cooperation in various fields. They highly appreciated the Chinese government for making unremitting efforts to strengthen the friendly cooperation between ASEAN and China. They thanked China for supporting the ASEAN integration process and supporting ASEAN to play a leading role in regional cooperation. They indicated that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the strategic partnership between ASEAN and China. The two sides should take this opportunity to jointly organize the celebrating activities, strengthen friendly exchanges, deepen pragmatic cooperation, properly deal with the challenges, and jointly push for greater progress in ASEAN-China strategic partnership on the existing basis so that the two sides can make greater contributions to peace, stability and prosperity in Asia.

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