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Ambassador ZHANG Jun Meets with Participants of the Comenius Course

On May 14, Ambassador ZHANG Jun met with participants of the Comenius course organized by the University of Groningen. He briefed participants the economic situation of China under the financial crisis background and the current China-Dutch relations. He also answered questions raised by participants on issues relating to economic difficulties faced by China, how to achieve a more balanced approach of development as well as reform of the medical and health system.

Ambassador ZHANG said China acted in an active and responsible manner during the crisis. China mainly rely on expanding domestic demand to boost economic growth, made timely adjustment to the direction of macroeconomic policy and put in place a series of related policies. These policy measures as a whole target both symptoms and root causes, and address both immediate and long-term concerns. They represent a holistic approach and are mutually reinforcing. They are designed to address the need to boost domestic demand, readjust and reinvigorate industries, encourage scientific innovation and strengthen social security. They are designed to stimulate consumption through increased investment, overcome the current difficulties with long-term development in mind, and promote economic growth in the interest of people's livelihood. These measures were beginning to yield fruits and positive signs of recovery have appeared. We were fully confident that with our persistent efforts, China's economy could maintain steady and fast growth and continue to contribute to world economic growth.

Ambassador ZHANG said China attached great importance to China-Dutch relations and a close China-Dutch relationship serves the growing interest of both countries. With our joint efforts, the bilateral relationship is maintaining a very strong momentum. Political mutual trust between the two countries is strengthening, the Fatherland has been China's 2nd biggest trade partner in Europe for consecutive 6 years. Cooperation in the field of education, technology and culture are also deepening. We believe both sides can handle the current difficulties in a proper manner and a healthier China-Dutch relationship could be further developed.

All participants positively evaluate Ambassador ZHANG's remarks, saying it was helpful for them to have a more objective and comprehensive understanding of China.

The Comenius course was named after Mr. Comenius, a famous educator in the 17th century. The course was an executive program about leadership and vision, which offers a refuge for those executives wish to further develop their leadership ability. The main theme of this course is China and participants include Senior Vice President of KLM, Executive Private Banking of Babobank and Chief Prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice as well as renowned experts and scholars. They will also be visiting Beijing and Shanghai from 23 to 31 May.



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