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China Nationalities Song & Dance Troupe will Perform in the Netherlands

China Nationalities Song & Dance Troupe will perform in Groningen, Den Haag and Zwolle in the Netherlands from November 29th to December 2rd 2002.

China is a united multi-ethnic nation of 56 ethnic groups, with the Han ethnic group as the largest one. Although accounting for only 8.4% of China's total population and scattering mainly in south-west of China, people of the 55 ethnic minorities are born to be excellent singers and dancers.

China Nationalities Song & Dance Troupe (CNSDT) is made up of 4 professional ethnic performing groups from Gansu and Yunnan provinces. The 25 actors and actresses belong to eight different ethnic groups, namely, Tibetan, Miao, Yugu, Hui, Yi, Dai, Yao and Hani. Many of them are famous ethnic artists in China. Ms. Wang Jiamin, chief artistic inspector of the troupe, is a national A-level dance choreographer. Chief inspector Wanmazhaxi is one of the main directors of Tibetan dances in China. Artistic director Anjuhua enjoys the title of "dancer of Yugu nationality". Zongyongzhuoma, one of the best known Tibetan soprano, has won the first prize in the national ethnic vocal music competition and was granted the name "Golden Phoenix in Snow Mountain". The troupe has given performances in many countries in Asia, Europe and North America, and earned favorable comments at home and abroad.

China Nationalities Song & Dance Troupe will inspire European audiences with its wonderful performances. The carefully selected songs and dances will bring you to the remote areas of China and make you feel the unsophisticated customs and feelings of the people there.

November 29th
Martiniplaza Theater, Groningen
For more information
Tel: 050-5222625
Fax: 050-5250155
Or visit www.martiniplaza.nl
Time: 20:00-22:00

December 1st
Zwembad de Regentes Theater, Den Haag
For more information
Tel: 070-3656515
Fax: 070-3639190
Or visit www.deregentes.nl
Time: 14:30-16:30

December 2nd
Nieuwe Buitenscieteit Congres and Bioscopcentrum, Zwolle
For more information
Tel: 038-4260260
Or visit www.buitensoos.nl
Time: 20:00-22:00

Program of China Nationalities Song & Dance Troupe

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