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Ambassador Zhang Jun Attends Opening Ceremony of Yin & Yan Maritime Exhibition

On April 3, Ambassador Zhang Jun attended the opening ceremony of Yin & Yan Maritime Exhibition co-organized by Maritime Museum Rotterdam and China Maritime Museum and addressed the audience. Also present were Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam, Mr. Frits Loomeijer, Director of Maritime Museum Rotterdam, Mr. An Chengyao, Deputy Director of China Maritime Museum and over 100 representatives from culture and business communities.

Ambassdor ZHANG Jun (right) and Mayor of Rortterdam Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb (left) annoucend the opening of the exhibition
In his speech, Ambassador Zhang recalled the time-honored maritime contact between China and the Netherlands. According to him, maritime contact and trade between the two countries could be traced back to late 16th and early 17th century. It was the maritime corridor that shortened the distance between two nations and facilitated mutual understanding. Nowadays with ever expanding communication and transportation, the maritime route still serves as an irreplaceable bond and plays an important role in economic cooperation. Against the backdrop of international financial crisis, large containers navigating back and forth between port cities of the two countries carry not only cargo, but also strong aspirations of strengthening bilateral cooperation. As important trading partners, China and the Netherland have every reason to believe that the momentum of economic and trade cooperation will maintain strong in the coming years. With the implementation of its next five-year plan this year, China will make more efforts in transforming economic development pattern, expanding domestic consumption, encouraging innovation and promoting green development. China's continuing development will create more opportunities for other countires in the world, including the Netherlands. China and the Netherlands should draw upon their complementary strengths and work together to explore potentials so as to go beyond buy-and-sell trade, achieve new breakthroughs and sustainable development in bilateral cooperation.

Ambassador ZHANG Jun delivered a speech
Mr. Ahmed Aboutaleb highlighted the frequent cultural exchange and close trade relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam, both of which represent important port cities in the world. The exhibition will serve as a new bridge to connect the two sister cities and deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples.

The video clips of interview given by Ambassador Zhang to Maritime Museum Rotterdam were on play during the exhibition (please click http://www.chinaembassy.nl/eng/xwdt/t812891.htm to watch). Ambassador Zhang also gave an interview to the Xinhua News Agency during the ceremony.

Yin & Yan Maritime Exhibition will be on for one year in Maritime Museum Rotterdam before moving to China Maritime Museum in 2012. It consists of six sections as Handshakes, Knowledge and Knowhow, Supply and Demand, Home and Away, Going Global, Tea with Milk. Fourteen items like Canton enamel, Silverware and Compass from the Song Dynasty are provided by China Maritime Museum.

many Dutch friends came to the opening ceremony

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