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Speech by H.E.Ambassador ZHANG Jun at the Reception for Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of P.R.China

Your Excellency, Mr. Verhagen, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Your Excellencies,


Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening.

First of all, let me express my warm welcome and appreciation to friends from the Dutch government, parliament, municipalities, business circles, institutions, international organizations and judicial bodies, the diplomatic missions and local Chinese community for attending today's reception and celebrating the national day of P.R.China with us.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of P.R.China. As we have witnessed, China and the Chinese people have undergone unprecedented experience in the past 6 decades. Since the founding of P.R.China, especially after we started the reform and opening up, we have successfully found a new path of development that conforms with our national conditions. During this process, China has been committed itself to economic development and the win-win strategy of opening-up. While pursuing our own development, we are also striving hard for the common prosperity of the world. China has been committed itself to the tackling of global issues in a responsible manner. We actively engage in the joint effort in addressing challenges such as financial crisis and climate change, and contribute significantly to world peace, security and stability. China has been committed itself to international cooperation and the building of a harmonious world. We are sparing no effort in enhancing friendship among peoples all over the world and promoting lasting peace and prosperity of mankind.

All these achievements are attributed to the concerted efforts of all Chinese people. At the same time, we are fully aware that we can not achieve so much without support from the outside world. We will never forget the understanding you give us in our effort for pursuing the path of peaceful development. We will never forget the precious support you give us in our economic and social development process. We will never forget the selfless assistance you give us at difficult times when we are faced with natural disasters. Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to you all. My special thanks also go to the overseas Chinese in the Netherlands, thank you so much.

China is now at a new starting point. China's development is closely connected with that of the world. We know very well the historical responsibilities we shoulder. We will continue to follow the path of peaceful development. We will continue to pursue the win-win strategy of opening-up. We will continue to develop friendly relations and cooperation with all countries. We will continue to strive hard for a peaceful world and the common development of all countries.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to assure you once again that China attaches great importance to Sino-Dutch bilateral relationship. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, especially in recent years, with our joint efforts, we have maintained strong momentum in our bilateral relationship. While overcoming all difficulties before us, we have kept our relationship on the right track. Prime Minister Balkenende visited China twice last year and will attend the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Expo next year, which will definitely inject new vitality to the long term stable development of Sino-Dutch relationship. The political trust between us is more solid. Economic and trade cooperation is also deepening. The Netherlands has been China's No.2 trade partner in the EU for consecutive 6 years, and both sides have benefited greatly from each other's development. We have made tremendous achievements through cooperation in fields such as agriculture, water management, science, technology, culture, education and defence on the basis of mutual respect and equality, and also have further enhanced the mutual understanding and trust between the two peoples. With our concerted efforts, the Netherlands has become not only an important partner of China, but also a positive force in maintaining the healthy and stable development of Sino-EU relationship. I believe, as long as we can seize opportunity and strengthen cooperation, respect and understand each other, the trustworthy bilateral relationship between us will have a even brighter prospect, we are fully confident about our future.

Let me propose a toast for:

The 60th anniversary of the founding of P.R.China,

The common development and prosperity of the whole world,

The friendship between Chinese and Dutch people and people all over the world,

The good health of all distinguished guests and friends.


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