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Embassy of China in the Netherlands and Province Zuid-Holland Jointly Hold Celebrations for the Forthcoming 2010 Shanghai World Expo

On 24 April 2010, the Embassy of China in the Netherlands and Province Zuid-Holland jointly held celebrations in Noordwijk to show their common expectations for the forthcoming Shanghai World Expo to be opened in Shanghai, China on 1 May 2010. More than 200 guests from Dutch ministries, provinces, municipalities, institutions, press and local Chinese community attended the event.



Prime Minister Balkenende, after kicking off the annual Dutch flower parade in Noordwijk, sent a letter of congratulation to the event, stressing that the World Expo would present modern China to the world and would bring the world to China. Zeeschat, a breed of tulip specifically developed for the Shanghai Expo, was brought to the event by its cultivator, who expressed his good will for a successful Shanghai Expo and for the Dutch-Sino friendship and cooperation. Together with the most beautiful and creative flower wagons starting their parade in Noordwijk, Haibao, the mascot for Shanghai Expo, attracted hundreds of audience, bringing its merriness and liveliness to the local people and travelers from all over the world.



In his address to the participants of the celebration event, Chinese Ambassador ZHANG Jun underlined the uniqueness of this celebration event, i.e., the successful combination of two things, namely the beauty of flowers and the dream for a better life. "Flower culture is a very important part of the life of Dutch people and represents the dream of a beautiful life, while pursuing better city, better life is rightly the theme of the Shanghai World Expo. With the interaction of the two dreams and by pursuing our dreams hand in hand, I am sure we will be able to make our life even better."


ZHANG pointed out, "This World Expo is another important international event hosted by China after the Beijing Olympic Games. It is also the first time that the World Expo is held in a developing country. As the host country, the Chinese government and people cherish the opportunity in making more contribution to the common development of the world and have made tremendous effort in preparing for the Expo. Everything is in position now. China has opened her arms to friends from all over the world. China is ready! Shanghai is ready!"

Talking about the expectations for Shanghai Expo, ZHANG believed that the Expo would be of great importance in the rebuilding of confidence for the whole world in tackling the financial and economic crisis. The Expo would also offer a good opportunity in promoting common and sustainable development of the world, further strengthen international cultural exchanges and promote friendship among different peoples of the world and provide good opportunities for foreign friends to have a closer look at China with a view to better understand China, its achievements and challenges.

ZHANG expressed his appreciation for the great efforts made the Dutch government and Dutch people in contributing to the Expo and he highly commended the Dutch Pavilion, Happy Street, "which is the embodiment of Dutch science, culture and art, fully reflects the wisdom of the Dutch people."

ZHANG stressed that the importance attached by the Netherlands to the Shanghai World Expo fully reflected the healthy and stable relationship between the two countries strengthened by solid political trust and deepening cooperation. ZHANG hoped that Dutch provinces, cities, institutions and enterprises participating in the Expo could seize this opportunity and showcase to China and the whole world the most brilliant side of their achievements in development, creativity in innovation and richness of the Dutch culture.

In his concluding remarks, ZHANG extended his warm invitation to all Dutch friends to the Shanghai World Expo, and he was confident that the Shanghai Expo would leave to the world not only sweet and unforgettable memories but also a better life.


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